Tap the gear icon at the top left to open settings. You will see your own profile listed under adults and a button that says 'Add Adult...'.

Tap this to add an adult to your family and it will generate an invitation - either via text message or via email. A unique invitation code is generated and included in the invitation message. The invitation code must be used when joining a family from the sign in screen, and may only be used once. Send invitations to as many people as you like - invite grandparents, sitters and other care givers so they can give points and award rewards.

You will need to install the Task Points app from the App Store before you can use your invitation. If the link in the invitation does not take you into the app, make sure you have the Task Points app installed. If the link still doesn't work, you can open the app, select 'Join a Family' and enter the invitation code on the next screen along with your email and password. This will create your account and join the new account with the family that sent the invitation. If the invitation code has expired, then you will need to ask a family member to send you a new invitation.

For now, the only option is to add a child from your account. Your child can install Task Points app on their phone and you can sign in with your account, and then lock the app in read only mode. Your child will not be able to unlock the device without your account password. This will allow you to have a shared device used by many children, or each child may have the app installed on their own device if they have one.

Every task, Reward and Penalty can have its own emoji character assigned. In fact, any character from any keyboard you have installed can be used. Tap on a Task, select Edit Task. tap the emoji in the circle, and a keyboard will display. Now change to the emoji keyboard, or any other keyboard as you would normally do and select any character to represent the Task.